Time Machine server with Synology


I was using a 2TB USB disk as a Time Machine storage for my MacBook Pro. The thing is I keep forgetting to plug it to run the backup. So, I’m going to use this storage as a Time Machine remote storage with my Synology DS409-slim.

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Monitor a Synology NAS with Munin


My Synology DiskStation DS409slim is, via the DSM software, SNMP aware. This means I can poll it to get some information using a SNMP capable monitoring system. This is how I configured Munin to grab some metrics from the NAS.

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Manage MySQL on a Synology DS409slim


Here’s the way to install, run and manage MySQL on a Synology DS409slim. My DiskStation runs DSM 3.1-1748. First of all, activate the MySQL dæmon: From the Control Panel, choose the Web Services ; Enable Web Station and Enable MySQL ;

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Expand a Synology Hybrid RAID volume


I own a Synology DS409slim with two 1TB Toshiba and two 500GB Western Digital disks. Configured using SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID), it allows one volume split on those four disks. I bought this NAS because it uses 2.5" disks and because of the SHR feature. I had one 1TB Toshiba in my MacBook but I took it off and planned on putting it in the NAS, replacing one of the 500GB disk. Here’s what happened.

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