Remove all WordPress Featured Images

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I used to use “Featured Images” in my posts to illustrate the main tag. Now that I changed my theme (namely Twenty Fourteen), those icon-sized images don’t show up well. I decided to simply drop them all so that nothing is displayed by the theme. This is done easily using MySQL:

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Manual mysql_secure_installation on QNAP

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I have installed the SQL server on my QNAP TS-453mini but couldn’t find the mysql_secure_installation script. As far as I understood it, it simply changes the root password, disable remote sensible access and deletes the test database. So I decided to run the commands manually inside phpMyAdmin.

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Manually change WordPress’ home and siteurl in MySQL

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In my tidy process, I had to copy WordPress from one host to another, then access it from various URLs so that the production and the development versions were both accessible from the same public IP. To duplicate the data in a fast manner, I dumped the SQL data and tarred the WWW directory. The problem is that WordPress’ home and siteurl are kept the same between those instances. And since you try to access the administration zone, you’re redirected to the original location… To modify the duplicated instance, you can configure WordPress straight from MySQL. Here are the directions:

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Quick'n'Dirty "About Windows Azure"

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The Platform-As-A-Service solution from Microsoft Windows Azure is a service that allows the execution of applications and data storage in the Microsoft’s Cloud. This platform provides a runtime environment (Windows Azure) and a service pack (SQL Azure, Windows Azure AppFabric) that can be used together or independently.

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Vous n’avez pas les droits suffisants pour accéder à cette page.

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Hein ? Guoi ? Bais c’est boi… Gommandant Midchel… Non non, mon clavier n’a pas chopé un rhume empêchant ainsi WordPress de reconnaitre mon mot de passe… C’est juste que j’ai suivi le conseil de “WP - Database Security” et remplacé le préfixe wp_ de mes tables WP par quelque chose de plus… sécurisé différent. Bref, tout se passe bien jusqu’au moment où je veux me logguer sur l’interface d’admin. C’est là que surgit alors “Vous n’avez pas les droits suffisants pour accéder à cette page.”

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