Generative AI using eGPU on Slackware Linux

       2882 words, 14 minutes

I recently got interested in so-called Generative AI. I tested a few things like ChatGPT, Dall-E or Bing Image Generator. Then I discovered things could be self-hosted rather that using Cloud resources. But I am no gamer, nor do I want to have a full machine eating 200W all day to run my little experiments. I decided I would use my new Topton GM1 Thunderbolt port and connect an eGPU to it. This way I can simply turn it on and off when needed.

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Multiboot Microsoft Windows, OpenBSD and Slackware Linux

       1381 words, 7 minutes

I got a refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 and I’m not really happy with how the fan is managed by OpenBSD. Plus, the ThinkPad A485 running Windows for $WORK has been freezing quite a few times recently. So I decided I could try using a single ThinkPad for both $WORK and $HOME using different Operating Systems. I recently loved Slackware Linux again and wished I could use it too on that machine. So this is how I configured a multiboot environnement on the ThinkPad with Microsoft Windows 11, OpenBSD 7.3 and Slackware Linux 15.0. Note that I will encrypt as much storage as possible using the various available OS technologies.

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Install Slackware Linux with Full Disk Ecryption on a UEFI system

       683 words, 4 minutes

On some previous post, I installed Slackware Linux on a ThinkPad T460s . This was my first time back on Slackware for a long time and, after reading and experimenting, it seems to me that there is a better / smarter / simpler way to install Slackware using FDE on an UEFI system.

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Installing Slackware Linux from SSH

       101 words, 1 minutes

Using a french keyboard, it can be complicated having to type in US layout through the VNC connections of Cloud VM providers or a virtualisation software console. Here’re a couple of shell commands that permit installing Slackware Linux using the SSH daemon that ships on the installer image.

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Slackware Linux 15 with FDE on UEFI laptop

       2519 words, 12 minutes

Slackware Linux was my first Linux distribution. I can’t recall if it was 1.x or 2.x. Anyway, I’ve always loved that distrib. Since Slackware 15.0 has recently been released and I’ve not been using Linux as a desktop since decades, let’s experiment with it. I’ll install it on my ThinkPad T460s using Full Disk Encryption.

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