Monitor VMware vSphere from OpenBSD using the Perl SDK

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Last time, I had a look at how to monitor VMware vSphere from FreeBSD using the Perl SDK . Quite simple using the ports! Believe it or not, installing and running the VMware vSphere Perl SDK on OpenBSD is as simple as breathing. Here’s the POC.

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Monitor VMware vSphere from FreeBSD using the Perl SDK

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VMware provides a CLI and a Perl SDK that allows managing and monitoring vSphere and ESXi environment from Windows and Linux. The Perl SDK is also available in the FreeBSD ports tree. Here’s how to install and, basically, use the VMware Perl SDK on FreeBSD.

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Highlight your logs

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Logs are great. Logs are cool. Logs are helpful. But logs are monochrome. Unless you ask the camel to colorize them:

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