Back to the sea ; the Lightweight Directory (LDAP), episode V


OpenBSD 4.8 ships with a home-made LDAP daemon called ldapd. According to the man page, “ldapd does not fully work yet” ; but for basic authentication directory, it seems to work just fine.

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Back to the sea ; the Certificate Authority (CA), episode IV


OpenBSD FAQ and manpages is full of “how to generate your self-signed certificate”. That’s OK. But I you get several services, as I’m gonna get, this means you’ll have to deploy every certificate to every client so that they trust them. Creating your own CA enables you to only deploy the CA file to your client. Then, they will trust any certificate that were signed by it. Plus, it’s fun :p

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Back to the sea ; the Domain Name Service (DNS), episode III


Here’s the directions to configure a dual-view DNS on OpenBSD. I’ll be using BIND 9.4.2-P2 as shipped with 4.8.

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Back to the sea ; the OpenBSD installation, episode II


OpenBSD is really easy to install. It’s not shinning, but it asks for a few questions and only takes a couple of minutes to get a working system.

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Back to the sea ; the OpenBSD services, episode I


For quite a long time now, I’ve been using the black console. My first contact with *N?X was around 1998, when my father brought me a Slackware CD from a hacking magazine that I don’t recall the name right now. At that time, I was using DOS and Windows 3. That was quite a change ; especially without any Internet access :) I quite often had to go to the bookshop to get UNIX books that were offering CD sets. That how I started fighting with Slackware and Debian distrib :) About 2000, I got a mid-term job at the Jussieu University of Paris. That’s also when I started getting told that Linux was for kiddies and that real admins use BSD. I know that’s not really a good reason to start using an Operating System, but that’s how I came to the *BSD systems :)

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