Back to the sea ; the logging program (Syslog), episode VIII


Logs are for program what speech is to human. People says what’s wrong (most of the time ;), program log it. Here’s how I use syslog-ng to get a central syslog system.

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Back to the sea ; the Blog Tool and Publishing Platform (WordPress), episode VII


After creating and editing my Website from scratch with Vim, I used Dokuwiki for quite a long time. Then came the Facebook time. This is when I switched to some more hypee tool. I choosed WordPress. One nice thing WordPress provides, except from full HTTP management, is automatic configuration and updates. Here’s how I installed it on OpenBSD.

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Back to the sea ; the relational database management system (RDBMS), episode VI


At least my Web 2.0 application (aka WordPress) requires a database system. I’m used to using MySQL and that’s what I installed on my OpenBSD server.

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Back to the sea ; the Lightweight Directory (LDAP), episode V


OpenBSD 4.8 ships with a home-made LDAP daemon called ldapd. According to the man page, “ldapd does not fully work yet” ; but for basic authentication directory, it seems to work just fine.

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Back to the sea ; the Certificate Authority (CA), episode IV


OpenBSD FAQ and manpages is full of “how to generate your self-signed certificate”. That’s OK. But I you get several services, as I’m gonna get, this means you’ll have to deploy every certificate to every client so that they trust them. Creating your own CA enables you to only deploy the CA file to your client. Then, they will trust any certificate that were signed by it. Plus, it’s fun :p

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