Starting third-party daemons on OpenBSD


Since OpenBSD 4.9, third-party daemons, like MySQL, come with a rc.d script to start, stop and manage the daemon. Once the package is installed, the managing script is available in /etc/rc.d/. To start a daemon, just run: # /etc/rc.d/mysqld start Now, if you want the daemon to automagically start on boot: check that the script is executable: # ls -alh /etc/rc.d/mysqld -r-xr-xr-x 1 root bin 461B Feb 23 22:16 /etc/rc.d/mysqld reference it in the RC configuration file: # vi /etc/rc.

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LAMP/NAMP/OAMP with WordPress just needs CPU


According to the Google robot, my actual configuration serves WordPress pages in about 1-2 seconds. I was looking on improving this a bit.

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SOGo on OpenBSD/macppc


Thanks to sebastia@, I learned that SOGo was not build on OpenBSD/macppc (4.9) because GNUstep wasn’t:

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VNC server on OpenBSD


Here are quick notes on how to setup a VNC server on OpenBSD. This allows a remote connexion to a X11 session running on an OpenBSD server or workstation.

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Trust the CA on OpenBSD


This website provides some HTTPS service. I bought the SSL certificate from a French provider called “Gandi”. Unfortunately, it seems their issuer is not known by OpenBSD nor is their own CA trusted by Firefox. As this is in the FAQ, they provide the CA file to manually import in Firefox. Once done, Firefox trusts the whole SSL path. We’ll use this to install the SSL trust path in OpenBSD ; in the OpenSSL instance.

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