Using Redthunder K84 with OpenBSD

       1126 words, 6 minutes

I got YouTubed with “look at my setup” content. So I started looking at what mechanical keyboards offer. Amazon proposed that RedThunder K84 Combo Keyboard and Mouse for 60€ so I decided to give it a try on OpenBSD.

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Using OpenBSD with a Dell U2723QE monitor

       487 words, 3 minutes

Not so long ago, I bought a Dell U2723QE 4K monitor. I was not sure OpenBSD would support using it with only a USB-C connection. Spoiler alert, it does.

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FreeBSD bhyve hypervisor to run OpenBSD virtual machines

       2341 words, 11 minutes

Because I’m not 100% satisfied with my OmniOS bhyve experiment for running OpenBSD virtual machines, I’m giving it a try on a stock FreeBSD 14. And as usual, I’ll write down how I did it in case you are interested too :)

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Running OpenBSD on OmniOS using bhyve

       3009 words, 15 minutes

The bhyve hypervisor has been ported to Illumos and provides an altervative to KVM. SmartOS created an OpenBSD image but it’s quite old. I don’t know (yet) how to upgrade or make more up-to-date images. But I could manage to run OpenBSD 7.4 on OmniOS.

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Running OpenBSD on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

       781 words, 4 minutes

I had that Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W lying in a box. And because I changed my network configuration, I decided I could use that Pi as a DNS et DHCP server. But I also wanted to take benefits from my POE switch. It turns out to be really simple, with the proper hardware. Here are the notes.

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