Providing a Nexenta iSCSI target to a Windows Server 2008 initiator

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Last time, I had a look at storing stuff on Nexenta using VMware ESXi and iSCSI . This time, I’m gonna try the same thing but Windows Server 2008 as the iSCSI client, aka initiator. Should this matter, the Windows Server is 2008R2 SP1, 64-bit, Standard Edition.

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Providing a Nexenta iSCSI target to an ESXi initiator

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Here’s the deal: create a ZFS volume on the Nexenta server, share it as iSCSI and attach it using the software iSCSI initiator from ESXi 5.

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Improving Nexenta SNMP daemon

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Nexenta has SNMP capability. Configured from the Web interface, you can set the various communities for SNMP version. But there is more. You can improve it a lot using the Nexenta Management Console (NMC).

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Install VMware tools for Nexenta on ESXi

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I installed NexentaStor Community 3.1.2 on my VMware ESXi 5.0 and wanted to get the VMware tools running ; mostly because I know there are tools for Solaris and it may improve the Administrator Experience. The virtual machine is configured as “Oracle Solaris 11 (64-bit)” Guest OS. It has 2 vCPU and 4GB of RAM. There are also two Mapped Raw LUN attached to it. The VMware Tools installation is nearly straight forward.

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What to use deduplication for?

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I recently discover a storage feature named “Data deduplication” also called “Deduplication”. Quoting Wikipedia: In computing, data deduplication is a specialized data compression technique for eliminating coarse-grained redundant data, typically to improve storage utilization. In the deduplication process, duplicate data is deleted, leaving only one copy of the data to be stored, along with references to the unique copy of data. Deduplication is able to reduce the required storage capacity since only the unique data is stored. I was first thinking “well, a video/document/… is a file ; and a file is a sets of 0 and/or 1. Like a ZIP archive doesn’t care if it stores pictures or text files, I may be able to use deduplication to store my 32GB of personnal pictures into a smaller storage size… sounds great!”. That’s what I want to figure out.

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