Create another semi-pro HTML newsletter

       578 words, 3 minutes

In the previous “Create your semi-pro HTML newsletter” article, we’ve seen how to use an HTML template to create and send newsletters. We also seen that, sometimes, it doesn’t render nicely. This article is going to give you directions that should correct this.

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Create your semi-pro HTML newsletter

       1752 words, 9 minutes

We’ve already seen how to create a PDF newsletter and how to create a HTML newsletter from within Thunderbird . Both methods work but neither are, nowadays, used in the professional world. First of all, the PDF method is destination independent but requires some PDF generator and provides the user with a mail saying “here’s the information”. The second method is closest to the “Web 2.0” user experience. But the native editor we used is quite complicated to use and generated moderate sexy outputs. In the article, I’ll detail how to achieve semi-pro newsletter such as the one you get from on-line vendors.

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