GoToSocial Push notifications using Pushover

       773 words, 4 minutes

GoToSocial does not seem to support push notifications for iOS applications. As far as I understand, this is because it doesn’t implement the Mastodon Web Push API . But GtS exposes a notification API. So let’s poll this API and use Pushover to get push notifications on the iOS devices.

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Running GoToSocial on NetBSD

       1012 words, 5 minutes

I wanted a communication tool for the searxng instance I manage. But I want a software with small footprint. I used GoToSocial as my primary ActivityPub server and it was great. It only lacked a few features so I stopped using it as my primary Fediverse service. Let’s have it back again in my software ecosystem.

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GoToSocial on OpenBSD, a Fediverse adventure

       1935 words, 10 minutes

In early 2019, I got fed up with Twitter Ads and recommendations etc. So I started looking for alternatives and read about Mastodon. As I was especially looking for OpenBSD news, tricks etc, I finally landed on It turned out to be a really nice place to hang out ; and not BSD-centric at all. People there are great. And MastoAdmins are kind and caring people. A couple of years later, I decided that I would host my own instance on the Fediverse. And the journey began.

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