Using NetBSD as a Gnome workstation


After a quick review of OpenBSD as a workstation, I wanted to see what NetBSD was like. I’ve used NetBSD quite a lot for both servers and workstations. But since I got my MacBook Pro, two years ago, I only use NetBSD as servers. So I’m gonna have a look at NetBSD 5.1 and see if I could give this to my daughter.

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Using OpenBSD as a workstation


With the upcoming release of OpenBSD 4.9 and my previous testings with SOGo, I decided to give it a try as a workstation environment. I used OpenBSD for quite a while ; but this was decades before. If I’m right, this was about 2002. I was using stuff like WindowMaker, Sylpheed-Claws or Mutt (depending on the day mood), Mozilla or Lynx and XMMS. At this time, I was a SysAdmin so this was perfect are far from enough compared to Windows 2000. But nowadays, I’m a father storing loads photos and rendering personal week-end movies. I’m still a bit of a g33k ; after all, who would blog on using such OS… But let’s see if Open Source software can do the trick.

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