Solve unbound error about root.key


I wrote about running unbound and nsd on OpenBSD 5.6 here . The other day, the VM that runs those went to DDB. On reboot, I got the following error message : unbound: [16897:0] error: ldns error while converting string to RR at15: Syntax error, could not parse the RR's type: spamd: \\[priv\\] unbound: [16897:0] error: failed to load trust anchor from /db/root.key at line 1, skipping unbound: [16897:0] error: failed to read /db/root.

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From Bind to nsd and unbound on OpenBSD 5.6


I’ve been using Bind as a primary, slave or cache name server for all my IT life. But it seems Bind is being kicked out of OpenBSD. So far so good, I’m gonna use what’s provided by my favorite OS to do the job. Here’s how to use nsd and unbound daemons to serve as an internal authoritative DNS nameserver and DNS resolver. Both will be running on the same machine.

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Enable extended statistics on Synology DNS Server


I installed “DNS Server beta” 1.0-0012 on my Synology DS409slim. This package ships with Bind 9.9.2. This means we should be able to gather statistics from the embedded HTTP/XML server. Here’s how.

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Exploring Active Directory with Free Software


In an Active Directory environments, you have (Windows) computers joined to a domain that does a lot a magic to allow you to use services without really thinking of it. You have Network Browsing, Exchange auto discovery… I’m going to use general I.T. tools to explore the Active Directory and guess what we can connect to with our non-Microsoft system.

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Back to the sea ; the Domain Name Service (DNS), episode III


Here’s the directions to configure a dual-view DNS on OpenBSD. I’ll be using BIND 9.4.2-P2 as shipped with 4.8.

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