Using OpenBSD relayd(8) as an Application Layer Gateway

       2935 words, 14 minutes

I was lucky enough to attend to EuroBSDCon 2023 and offered the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite OpenBSD stock daemon: relayd(8). The talk was recorded and made available on the EuroBSDCon YouTube channel. . One may check the EuroBSDCon 2023 program for more material. This post attempts a reboot of the slides content in a more browser-friendly format.

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Installing OpenBSD 7.2 on an ODROID-HC4

       1295 words, 7 minutes

Those are my notes about installing OpenBSD 7.2 on the ODROID-HC4 ; an arm64 board that provides SATA slots. It is quite straightforward to install, once you get the ordered steps.

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OpenBSD on MeLE Quieter2

       413 words, 2 minutes

I used a refurbished ThinkPad X230i to run my Nextcloud instance and provide rsnapshot/Samba/TimeMachine services. It was mostly nice but tend to freeze from time to time ; maybe more and more… So I decided it should be replaced. I seeked for something silent (I can’t stand fan noise), small (has to fit in a 33cm KALLAX-like cabinet) and capable of providing enough storage. Hopefully, or not, @FanlessTech tweeted about the MeLe Quieter2 machine around 2021/08.

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