Migrate a FreeBSD bhyve virtual machine to OmniOS


I have a home lab running FreeBSD bhyve hypervisor and a collo server running OmniOS. From time to time, I migrate some VMs from one to the other. It is very simple when using ZFS and sharing a compatible bhyve implementation.

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FreeBSD bhyve hypervisor to run OpenBSD virtual machines


Because I’m not 100% satisfied with my OmniOS bhyve experiment for running OpenBSD virtual machines, I’m giving it a try on a stock FreeBSD 14. And as usual, I’ll write down how I did it in case you are interested too :)

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Running OpenBSD on OmniOS using bhyve


The bhyve hypervisor has been ported to Illumos and provides an altervative to KVM. SmartOS created an OpenBSD image but it’s quite old. I don’t know (yet) how to upgrade or make more up-to-date images. But I could manage to run OpenBSD 7.4 on OmniOS.

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