Replicate Filesystem with Rsync


Quick note on using rsync(1) to move data from one place to another. For some reasons, I am moving my backup storage volume from one place to another. It is quite big and it takes more than 24H to copy. And as I don’t want to stop running the backup in the meantime, I have to be able to resynchronize the whole set of data several times. So I decided to use rsync(1).

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Three ways to backup your Thunderbird's mail


This article will present three ways of backing up the e-mails stored with Thunderbird. This could be needed for safety or to recover from a computer outage. The examples will use Thunderbird 3 on Windows XP. But this should apply to any Thunderbird version. The files location may vary according to the OS you’re running.

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Backup and restore MySQL


I used backup/restore to move my databases from one server to another.

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