My iTunes Match review

       1090 words, 6 minutes

Yesterday, I read (again) about iTunes Match. I already knew about that service but felt like it was useless to me. Read more about iTunes Match on it’s official Webpage . Short story is: iTunes Match is a Cloud service that scans your actual iTunes music library, checks which music iTunes knows about and enables you to get that music from any of your device, using your iTunes account. The service costs about $30 per year and is limited to 25000 songs and 10 devices.

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Freebox (6) Revolution Player dislikes Apple Airport 7.6

       96 words, 1 minutes

My Freebox Revolution Player is wiredly connected to the Freebox Revolution FTTH via an Apple AirPort Extreme. This morning, the AirPort told me it was expecting the 7.6 upgrade. I did upgrade it and everything seemed to be working OK (MacBook, Dell Latitude, Solaris server…) Then I powerred on the Freebox Player… which couldn’t reach the Freebox Server anymore… After a few cabling checks, I downgraded the AirPort to 7.5.2… And the Player did connect to the Server right away.

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Have iMovie ’11 look like Final Cut

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For a while now, I used various video editing software to render personnal videos. I started with Pinnacle v8 a few years ago and switched to iMovie ‘09 when I got my MacBook Pro. I never got used to that GUI. This is why I switched to Final Cut Express quite fast and kept using it for a while. Now that I’ve upgraded the MBP to Lion, I was expecting better graphics acceleration with newer software version. The thing is, Final Cut Pro X is quite expensive. So I bought iMovie ‘11 and wanted it to look like software I was used to using. Here’re a few steps to walk to have iMovie look like Final Cut.

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