About me

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My name is Joel. I am French. And was born in the late 70’s. You can refer to me as [He, Him, His] although I won’t get bothered if you use [They, Them, Theirs]. During daylight, I work as a System / Technical / Solution Architect. Briefly sumed up, here’s what happened to me since late 90’s: I.T. Consulting as a contractor, since 2008 System Administrator from 1999 to 2008 DESS (Master’s degree), in Computer Science, at Université Denis Diderot (Paris VII), in 2001 Baccalauréat (Bachelor degree) in Science, in 1995 Spoken languages: French, English.

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Xen-aware box ?

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MSI just announced the WindBox III ; an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo powered machine and fanless system! Core™ 2 Duo is supposed to be VT-x capable and “Two DDR2 SO-DIMM slots support up to 4GB”. And an SSD drive and you get a virtualization-ready silent box :-D Full announcement is available here: MSI IPC Launches WindBOX III with Intel Core 2 Duo for Fanless System .

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OpenBSD on Dell Inspiron 10

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Specifications CPU: Intel Atom N450(1.66GHz, 667MHz FSB, 512K L2 Cache) Memory: 1GB SDRAM DDR2 @ 800 MHz Video: Intel® NM10 Express + Crystal HD Broadcom Media Accelerator Screen: 10.1" Widescreen Display (1366×768) System Operating System: OpenBSD 4.8 dmesg , acpidump , pcidump , sysctl Xorg , glxinfo

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P2V from Se7en to VirtualBox

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Here’s how you can virtualize you physical workstation running Windows 7 into a VirtualBox virtual machine.

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Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program

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The Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program will help vendors to provide supported Microsoft virtualized solution. Want to know which Windows Server Edition is supported on VMware ESXi 4.1? This answer is there . Want to know which virtualization system can run Windows Server 2008 while keeping the support? This answer is here .

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