Configure OmniOS to use an authenticated SMTP relay (smarthost)

       375 words, 2 minutes

All my servers use an SMTP relay to communicate via email. I have setup “service” accounts that they use to authenticate themselves on a smarthost. My OmniOS server is no exception.

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Remotely install OmniOS on a Dell R620

       1581 words, 8 minutes

I rent a Dell R620 in a colo and decided I would install and run OmniOS on it. But it is hosted in a remote country and I can’t simply plug the install media in the DVD or USB port. So let’s go for a remote installation.

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FreeBSD bhyve hypervisor to run OpenBSD virtual machines

       2341 words, 11 minutes

Because I’m not 100% satisfied with my OmniOS bhyve experiment for running OpenBSD virtual machines, I’m giving it a try on a stock FreeBSD 14. And as usual, I’ll write down how I did it in case you are interested too :)

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Dealing with USB Storage devices on OmniOS

       1218 words, 6 minutes

I want to deal with flash, SSD and SATA drives connected to a ThinkPad A485 using its USB ports. This is my cheatsheet based on Managing USB Mass Storage Devices on Oracle Solaris 11.2 .

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Running OpenBSD on OmniOS using bhyve

       3009 words, 15 minutes

The bhyve hypervisor has been ported to Illumos and provides an altervative to KVM. SmartOS created an OpenBSD image but it’s quite old. I don’t know (yet) how to upgrade or make more up-to-date images. But I could manage to run OpenBSD 7.4 on OmniOS.

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