About me

My name is Joel. I am French. And was born in the late 70’s.

You can refer to me as [He, Him, His] although I won’t get bothered if you use [They, Them, Theirs].

During daylight, I work as a System / Technical / Solution Architect.
Briefly sumed up, here’s what happened to me since late 90’s:

About the domain name

“TuM’Fatig” is a phonetic abbreviation of the French sentence “Tu me fatigues”. It means something like “you annoy me”, “you wear me out” or “I’m fed up with you” ; but the way you would say it after a Dad joke 🙄

If you’re not French, you will probably have difficulties pronouncing it. If you do struggle with pronounciation, here’s an example of what it should sound like.

About this blog

Let’s face it, I’m an OpenBSD fanboy enthusiastic.

Everytime I see people using <Insert your preferred proprietary software here>, should this be in professional or personnal environmentis, I’m like “Can I do it using OpenBSD!?” Most of the time, I do. And I end up writing an article about it.

Sometimes it’s not 100% OpenBSD-related but only FOSS. Sometimes it’s not 100% FOSS but based on consummer grade stuff.

Those are my notes about my experiments. I write them down so that I don’t have to remember everything. I may come back and ammend them from time to time. I write them in a way they can be used by anyone. But I expect people reading them to have some basic I.T. knowledge. I also expect people to read other source of information and to read them carefully. Bare this in mind if you contact me asking for help. Then, be free to do it.

The previous Wordpress version of this blog had comments. I have removed them because adding this feature to Hugo is not worth it. If you find any errors, feel free to contact me through any of the social media links below. If you want to say thank you, please also do so using one of the social media linked below ; you may tweet/toot/share the articles’ links to increase their visibility on the Wild Wild Web.

I don’t do the “buy me a coffee” thing. Mostly because I already have a daily job that pays the bills. If you feel like donating for my content, please do so to the OpenBSD Foundation or buy a pizza/coffee to the OpenBSD developpers. They deserve it more than I do. Thank you :)