Using tmux on Synology DSM

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tmux is not available on Synology by default. But it only takes a command call to get it.

Connect to the DSM using SSH. This requires starting the Control Panel, going to Connectivity > Terminal & SNMP and checking Enable SSH service.

Once logged in, switch to the root user and run the commad:

# synogear install

The extra commands can be listed using synogear list.

To use them as a user, add /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool to the user’s $PATH.

# which tmux

# ls /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/
autojump           iotop            nmap           sar  iperf            nping zblacklist
cifsiostat         iperf3   sockstat zmap  pidstat ztee
file               lsof             sa1            sysstat       mpstat           sa2            tcpdump
iftop              ncat             sadc           tcpdump_wrapper
iostat             nethogs          sadf           tmux

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