WindowMaker theme inspired by Windows 10

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Because I’m a terrible person, I themed my beloved WindowMaker to look like Windows 10. Because it’s fun and possible, somehow.

To get more details on how to tune WindowMaker, refer to this theming article or to the official WindowMaker User Guide . This post only shows and references the minimal material.

The GTK theme is Windows 10 . So does the icons set . Both are material from B00merang.

The WindowMaker theme is home-made based on the GTK theme.

The bar is composed of the Clip, the Drawer dockapp and some conky widgets. The most interesting part of the widget is the TEXT section:

${if_match "${apm_adapter}" == "on-line"}\
${image $HOME/.icons/Windows-10/24x24/status/battery-full-charged.png -p 25,18}\
$HOME/.icons/Windows-10/24x24/status/network-transmit-receive.png -p 70,18}\
${if_match "${exec sndioctl -n output.mute}" == "1"}\
${image $HOME/.icons/Windows-10/24x24/status/audio-volume-muted.png -p 110,18}\
${else}${if_match "${mixer Vol}" >= "60"}\
${image $HOME/.icons/Windows-10/24x24/status/audio-volume-high.png -p 110,18}\
${else}${if_match "${mixer Vol}" >= "30"}\
${image $HOME/.icons/Windows-10/24x24/status/audio-volume-medium.png -p 110,18}\
${image $HOME/.icons/Windows-10/24x24/status/audio-volume-low.png -p 110,18}\
${voffset 5}${alignr}${offset -5}${time %H:%M} 
${voffset -3}${font :size=8}${alignr}${offset -5}${time %a. %d %B}

And that’s all.