Sweet Mars inspired theme for WindowMaker

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I’m not a huge fan of dark UI themes. Mostly because day light makes them difficult to use and because I find them to be not contrasted enough. That said, Sweet, by EliverLara, looks great and I decided to give it a try on WindowMaker.

And here’s what it looks like:

The GTK theme is Sweet Mars, by EliverLara . The icon theme is BeautyLine . The cursor theme is Simp1e Tokyo Night . The used fonts are “Futura Md BT Medium” and “Monofur Nerd Font Book”. The wallpaper is one of the Sweet KDE wallpapers .

The WindowMaker theme was build using colors and gradients described in the GTK theme. It is downloable here .

The top bar is composed of WindowMaker elements and a conky bar. Icons go on the top-left side of the screen, the clip is centered and apps are attached to it. Conky is set to bottom and displays status information using home-made scripts and Breeze icon sets.

The icon sets was build by converting BeautyLine SVG files into PNG so that WindowMaker could use theme ; it is downloadable here .

Conversion from SVG to PNG was done using the console:

# cd ~/.icons/BeautyLine/apps/scalable
# for FIC in *svg; do echo $FIC;                         \
convert -background none -resize 32x32                   \
$FIC ~/GNUstep/Library/Icons/BeautyLine/${FIC%.*}.png;   \

I find it quite good looking for screenshots. But for day-to-day usage, I sometimes have difficulties finding the bits of UI I’m looking for.

Anyway, goal achived: good old 1997 software looking so 2020.