Update Lenovo X260 BIOS with OpenBSD

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My X260 only runs OpenBSD and has no CD driver. But I still need to upgrade its BIOS from time to time. And this is possible using the ISO BIOS image.

First off all, you need to download the “BIOS Update (Bootable CD)” from the Lenovo Support Website.

Then you need to install the geteltorito utility:

# doas pkg_add geteltorito

Extract the bootable image from the ISO file:

# doas /usr/local/bin/geteltorito -o Downloads/bios.img Downloads/r02uj73d.iso

Booting catalog starts at sector: 20 
Manufacturer of CD: NERO BURNING ROM VER 12
Image architecture: x86
Boot media type is: harddisk
El Torito image starts at sector 27 and has 43008 sector(s) of 512 Bytes

Image has been written to file "Downloads/bios.img".

Then copy  the boot image onto the USB stick:

# doas dd if=Downloads/bios.img of=/dev/rsd3c
43008+0 records in
43008+0 records out
22020096 bytes transferred in 130.316 secs (168974 bytes/sec)

Now, reboot the system, hit “Enter” on logo screen and “F12” to boot from the USB stick. Follow the wizard and you’re done.

When you’re back to OpenBSD, you can check that the BIOS is now updated.

# dmesg | grep 'bios.*version'
bios0: vendor LENOVO version "R02ET73W (1.46 )" date 01/08/2020