SMS alerts to Free Mobile using Synology

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Synology DSM can be configured to send notifications on various events. It can use Email, SMS and Push Service. I usually use email notifications to check for status. But here’s how I configured SMS notification for critical events using the French mobile operator “Free Mobile”.

Once activated, the SMS service will provide you with an URL, a login and a password. Using the complete URL, you can send an SMS using curl or even an FTP command line :

# ftp -o /dev/null \

When this works, it can be used by Synology and many more.

Connect to the DSM and launch the “Control Panel”. Browse to “Notification” and select the “SMS” section. Check the “Enable SMS notifications” box and click the “Add SMS service provider” button.

Fill-in the “Provider description” with the URL. Most values will be overwritten. Only the message variable must contain “Hello World”.

No HTTP headers are required.

HTTP variables must be matched with DSM known parameters. Values will be set by DSM when sending the SMS.

In the end, fill-in the Login / Password as provided by “Free Mobile”. The “Primary phone number” won’t be used as the credentials are linked to your mobile phone number.

In the end, click the “Send a test SMS message” button to ensure everything works ok.

One can configure which kind of notifications are send via Email / SMS / Mobile using the “Advanced” section. For example, I only get critical errors via SMS. Others are send via Email.

This isn’t breaking news. It’s been available for quite a long time. I just forgot to write about it. If you’ve just enabled it, Happy Alerting!