Monitor OpenBSD using Collectd and Facette

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Imil wrote as nice 5 minutes collectd + facette setup  article using NetBSD. After a quick look in the ports, I saw it was possible to monitor OpenBSD using Collectd and Facette too. Hang tight, it only takes seconds to achieve.

Grab the metrics using Collectd

# pkg_add collectd-rrdtool collectd-mysql

# vi /etc/collectd.conf
BaseDir "/var/collectd"
PIDFile "/var/collectd/"
TypesDB "/usr/local/share/collectd/types.db"

# rcctl enable collectd
# rcctl start collectd

Render the metrics using Facette

# pkg_add facette

# vi /etc/facette/facette.json
  "bind": "",

# vi /etc/facette/providers/collectd.json
  "connector": {
    "type": "rrd",
    "path": "/var/collectd/rrd",
    "pattern": "(?P<source>[^/]+)/(?P<metric>.+).rrd"

# rcctl enable facette
# rcctl start facette

Wait a few minutes and browse the GUI.