FreeNAS on QNAP TS-453mini

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I received my QNAP TS-453mini, aimed to replace Synology DS403slim. After looking at QTS, I went to check various OSes to run it. Mostly because QTS looks too fat to me. Mainly because I want ZFS storage. Probably┬ábecause I’m a BSD guy. At last, I decided to run FreeNAS on it.

For the records, Windows 10 said:

I tested FreeBSD 10.3 and 11.0. FreeNAS 9.10 is based on FreeBSD 10.3 so hardware support is the exact same. Regarding FreeBSD 11.0, nothing seems to be better supported. Video card support is not there either. So don’t expect to run Kodi through HDMI yet.

So far, everything’s working OK. There seem to be a weirdness with speedstep/turboboost. I didn’t find the various enabled frequencies in the place where I expected to find them. So I’m not sure if it runs at full-power all time or not. As far as I understood it, system is ready for Cx switching but only C1 state is recognized.

# dmesg
coretemp0: <CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors> on cpu0
est0: <Enhanced SpeedStep Frequency Control> on cpu0
est: CPU supports Enhanced Speedstep, but is not recognized.
est: cpu_vendor GenuineIntel, msr 76000000183b
device_attach: est0 attach returned 6

# sysctl machdep.idle machdep.idle_available dev.cpu.0
machdep.idle: acpi
machdep.idle_available: spin, mwait, hlt, acpi
dev.cpu.0.cx_usage: 100.00% last 16684us
dev.cpu.0.cx_lowest: C1
dev.cpu.0.cx_supported: C1/1/0
dev.cpu.0.temperature: 44.0C
dev.cpu.0.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.0.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.0.coretemp.resolution: 1 61
dev.cpu.0.%parent: acpi0
dev.cpu.0.%pnpinfo: _HID=none _UID=0
dev.cpu.0.%location: handle=\_PR_.CPU0
dev.cpu.0.%driver: cpu
dev.cpu.0.%desc: ACPI CPU

Here’s a bunch of configuration extracts. In case anyone cares :)

FreeNAS on QNAP TS-453mini (dmesg)

FreeNAS on QNAP TS-453mini (lspci-v)

FreeNAS on QNAP TS-453mini (smartctl)

FreeNAS on QNAP TS-453mini (sysctl)

Happy file storing!