Using Munstrap, Munin’s theme, on OpenBSD

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I don’t fancy much Munin’s default look. I tend to like layouts that fit on a single screen. That’s mainly why I used to use Xymon. But there is a Munin’s theme that turns the Web interface into something very clean to my eyes. And great news, it’s done so well that it also works on OpenBSD. Ready, steady, go!

The Munstrap theme consists of purely Web files. There’s nothing much to do than replace defaults Munin’s files. So it’s gonna be a quick process.

# cd /tmp/
# ftp ''
Redirected to
3166961 bytes received in 4.47 seconds (691.71 KB/s)

# pkg_add unzip
quirks-2.54 signed on 2015-03-08T12:33:05Z
unzip-6.0p6: ok
# unzip
   creating: contrib-master/

Once fetched, backup the original Munin’s files and replace with Munstrap stuff.

# mv /etc/munin/static /etc/munin/static.orig
# mv /etc/munin/templates /etc/munin/templates.orig
# cp -pr contrib-master/templates/munstrap/static /etc/munin/
# cp -pr contrib-master/templates/munstrap/templates /etc/munin/

That’s all! Wait for the update and watch the new layout.

It will probably be required to redo this after a Munin’s package update. No big deal.