French keyboard mapping using VMware Fusion

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Bored with a couple of issues with my MacBook Pro, upgraded from Mountain Lion to Yosemite via Mavericks, I decided to reinstall the whole thing. I didn’t restore system parameters from Time Machine as I believe there were blobs lying there. After installing VMware Fusion 7.1.1 from scratch, I opened my previous Windows VMs and discovered my french keyboard wasn’t mapped correctly…

Same issue as seen before with other software. Keys like “@”, “-” or “=” weren’t available from where the keyboard says they are. After a long digg on the Internet, I found that VMware KB .
The important part, in my case, was:

Note: For language specific key mapping to work (example, < , > ^ @ etc), it should be enabled under preferences.

  • Click VMware Fusion menu.
  • Click Preferences.
  • Select Keyboard & Mouse tab.
  • Select Key Mappings sub-tab.
  • Select Profile - Default from the drop down at the top.
  • Check Enabled Language Specific Key Mappings.
  • Close Preferences.

And french keyboard mapping is back correct again. YeePee!