Upgrade Crucial C300 firmware on a MacBook Pro

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I just got a Crucial C300 SSD to plug in my Mac. And it came in revision 02 ; but the latest bug free firmware is revision 07.

To upgrade, just go to the Crucial website and get the “C300_FW0006.zip” archive. Unzip and burn the ISO file. Reboot, use ‘alt’ to drop to the boot selector and select the CD drive ; it appears as “Windows”. Let the process find your drive and upgrade the firmware to 06. When done, reboot.

Now, get the “C300_FW0007.zip” archive and replay the previous scenario.
After a few seconds, the SSD has the latest firware installed:

  C300-CTFDDAC256MAG :
    Capacité:	256,06 Go (256 060 514 304 octets)
    Modèle:	C300-CTFDDAC256MAG                      
    Révision:	7

So easy! And so nice it works on the Mac!