Remotely reboot the Freebox Server from OpenBSD

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The Freebox Server is an ADSL/FTTH router provided by the french operator Free SA. From it’s Web interface, you can apply changes and reboot the box. But if you can’t access this Web interface, you just won’t be able to reboot the box.

Didier Segura provides a PHP script that can be used to remotely reboot the box .
On my OpenBSD box, the installation and launch is quite straight forward:

  # pkg_add
  # ln -fs /var/www/conf/php5.sample/curl.ini /var/www/conf/php5/curl.ini
  # ftp
  # unzip
  # php fbxreboot.php freeboxpass

The Freebox will then hopefully reboot!

You could also use lynx to browse to the Web interface. It’s done well enough to be browser from a text-only navigator.