Memory Limits for Windows Releases

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This is a quick summary of memory limitations for Microsoft Windows releases that I often have to deal with:

SystemEditionMemory limit
Windows XP32-bit4GB
Windows XP64-bit128GB
Windows Vista32-bit (≥Home Basic)4GB
Windows Vista64-bit (≥Business)128GB
Windows 732-bit (≥Home Basic)4GB
Windows 764-bit (≥Professional)192GB
Windows 200332-bit, Standard Edition4GB
Windows 200332-bit, Enterprise Edition32GB
Windows 200332-bit, Datacenter Edition128GB
Windows 2003 R232-bit, Standard Edition4GB
Windows 2003 R232-bit, Enterprise Edition64GB
Windows 2003 R232-bit, Datacenter Edition128GB
Windows 200364-bit, Standard Edition16GB
Windows 200364-bit, Enterprise Edition64GB
Windows 200364-bit, Datacenter Edition512GB
Windows 2003 R264-bit, Standard Edition32GB
Windows 2003 R264-bit, Enterprise Edition1TB
Windows 2003 R264-bit, Datacenter Edition1TB
Windows 200832-bit, Standard4GB
Windows 200832-bit, Enterprise64GB
Windows 200832-bit, Datacenter64GB
Windows 200864-bit, Standard32GB
Windows 200864-bit, Enterprise2TB
Windows 200864-bit, Datacenter2TB

For more details, check the Microsoft Web Site.