The BigTech usage

To give a bit of context on the Fediverse switch, herés how I use the Big Tech Services:

Contacts are divided in groups:

People can move from group tp group, depending on what happens IRL.

What I post depends on the Social Network and the privacy group I can achieve.

Use of languages depends on the network. FB is mostly in French, Twitter in English, Instagram mostly depends on the hashtag I use to comment the picture. A nice FB &Twitter feature is the translate option ; which helps me discover/understand new content and others to get my content translated in their language.

Features I’m looking for

The BigTech alternative

So far, I understood that

Facebook -> Pleroma, Diaspora, Friendica

Twitter -> Mastodon

Instagram -> PixelFed

LinkedIn -> LinkedIn

Messaging -> what ever the use wants.


Adding contacts from the Fediverse and set them as « Mutual Friendship » implies:

Look from « @openbsd_src » and the Mastodon bot account pops up. Select the Connect/Follow option and you’ll get posts from this @Mastodon account into your @Friendica timeline. Share and (Dis)Like operations can now be done from @Friendica.

Sending a message to Followers-only with Title from @Friendica appears as a CW message in @Mastodon with a link to Friendica. Message is not straight readable from Masto. And when click on the link, message is marked as non-existant, unless you can authenticate on Friendica.

If sending the same message to Public, the link displays properly.


Can substibe from @Mastodon account. Image posts appear and can be retooted.

Metatext can log in on Pixelfed.

Automatically shared on Friendica as « mirror » is set.

Does not seem possible from Mobile or App to set NSFW to pictures.