OpenBSD Workstation for the People

       1848 words, 9 minutes

This is an attempt at building an OpenBSD desktop than could be used by newcomers or by people that don’t care about tinkering with computers and just want a working daily driver for general tasks. Somebody will obviously need to know a bit of UNIX but we’ll try to limit it to the minimum.

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GoToSocial Push notifications using Pushover

       773 words, 4 minutes

GoToSocial does not seem to support push notifications for iOS applications. As far as I understand, this is because it doesn’t implement the Mastodon Web Push API . But GtS exposes a notification API. So let’s poll this API and use Pushover to get push notifications on the iOS devices.

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Generative AI using eGPU on Slackware Linux

       2882 words, 14 minutes

I recently got interested in so-called Generative AI. I tested a few things like ChatGPT, Dall-E or Bing Image Generator. Then I discovered things could be self-hosted rather that using Cloud resources. But I am no gamer, nor do I want to have a full machine eating 200W all day to run my little experiments. I decided I would use my new Topton GM1 Thunderbolt port and connect an eGPU to it. This way I can simply turn it on and off when needed.

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Running GoToSocial on NetBSD

       1012 words, 5 minutes

I wanted a communication tool for the searxng instance I manage. But I want a software with small footprint. I used GoToSocial as my primary ActivityPub server and it was great. It only lacked a few features so I stopped using it as my primary Fediverse service. Let’s have it back again in my software ecosystem.

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Quick OOTB support of Topton GM1 on *BSD

       1822 words, 9 minutes

I bought a Topton GM1 Industrial Mini PC for my HomeLab. It is aimed at running Slackware Linux but I wanted to have a quick look at how well BSD OSes support it out-of-the-box.

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